HRTS 2020 In Review

HRTS 2020 in Review

From navigating the pandemic to standing together in solidarity for social justice, 2020 has been a year that will go down in history. 

On behalf of the HRTS Board of Directors and all of us at HRTS, thank you to all of our members – from Corporate and HRTS Executive to Associates, JHRTS, and Academic. It is because of all of you that we have been able to provide virtual programming for the most pressing conversations relevant to every corner of our community. 

Amid so many unprecedented changes in the industry and world around us, we are proud to keep you connected while apart. Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, HRTS will build on all that we have accomplished together during these trying times. 

The HRTS Virtual programming, which is complimentary to members at every level and is eligible for expanded Corporate Member ticket benefits, will continue even when we are able to safely gather in person once again. 

Like we debuted this year, we will continue the candid, new Brown Bag with the Board events, as well as virtual editions of our longstanding event series, such as the Newsmaker Luncheon featuring Lawrence O’Donnell in conversation about the state of the free press with Larry Wilmore; and HRTS Unscripted, which tackled the topic of getting back into production. We also presented the timely TV Storytellers: A Sense of Responsibility in a Time of Reckoning.

At the same time, HRTS continues to develop new resources such as the return of the HRTS Member Directory (opt-in HERE), a new edition of the HRTS Diversity & Inclusion Resource Guide, which will include a guide to Internships this year; and the COVID-19 Business Relief Guide sponsored by Weintraub Tobin. 

We also saw our powerful HRTS Mentorship Program become a bright spot in 2020 as participants adapted and innovated for the times. We’ll continue building on this success as well as on new ways to help our members stay connected, and build their networks and understanding of the changes ahead. 

We can’t miss an opportunity either to honor our HRTS Associates, JHRTS and Academic Members and the stellar leaders shepherding the programming for these membership segments of HRTS. Read on below for messages from the Associates and JHRTS leadership.

Melissa Grego, CEO, HRTS

This year we saw our organization adapt, grow, and provide a more intimate forum for conversation and dialogue around important and timely matters within the world and our industry.  We have also seen the world made smaller—bringing both coasts together for events and interactions which wouldn’t have been possible in prior years. We are excited to continue this and grow even more in 2021!

– HRTS Associates LA Co-Presidents Kyle DeLash & Limor Hakim and HRTS Associates NY Co-Presidents Frederic Richter & Simon Taufique

Dear JHRTS Members,

   Thank you for your support throughout this unprecedented year. It has been our pleasure to be able to continue our programming, which could not have been a success without your enthusiastic engagement. We are proud to provide the ability for our members to connect with each other and those we look up to, as well as create learning opportunities in a variety of forms: from panels to our Mentorship Program, to the Annual Script Competition.

    In 2021, we look forward to building upon the incredible events we hosted over this past year, including our monthly Networking Roulettes, social action programming like the Hollywood Climate Summit and Racial Justice Townhall, and our annual THR 35 Under 35 event. 

The JHRTS Board’s main objective is always to create an inclusive and inspiring community and learning experience which allows us the privilege of investing in and serving you, the next generation of Hollywood leaders.

 Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season and thank you all!


– Ali Weinstein and Zach Levine

JHRTS LA Co-Presidents