Membership in the Hollywood Radio & Television Society (HRTS) helps members stay abreast of industry trends and create career-long connections among our community of TV and entertainment pioneers, peers, and future leaders. Get and stay connected to the top professionals in our industry and give back by participating in HRTS events, initiatives and our mentorship program.

We are offering a COVID relief payment plan for Corporate and Individual Membership dues. Please contact for more information.

Corporate Membership

Networking, Knowledge and Career Development for Your Entire Company
NEW! Corporate Memberships of all sizes to serve the diverse companies comprising the TV and entertainment community.
NEW! In addition to complimentary registrations to the tentpole HRTS Newsmaker Luncheons, Corporate Members now also receive registration to HRTS Spotlight events, HRTS Unscripted Content Group events, and extra tickets to HRTS Virtual events.
NEW! Individual memberships for employees at every career level: HRTS Executive, HRTS Associate and JHRTS


Individual Membership

Community at Every Career Stage

Executive Membership

HRTS Executive: The community’s most accomplished members in L.A. and NYC help build a better industry by leading and participating in conversations around the most impactful topics TV and media face. In addition, they share their knowledge with the next generation of leaders via our HRTS Mentorship Program.


Associates Membership

HRTS Associates: Our newest and fastest-growing group within HRTS. Founded in 2016, HRTSA is designed for mid-career professionals such as mid-level agents, managers, writers, and executives interested in networking, mentorship, and educational opportunities. This is the membership segment for people at a career level between JHRTS and HRTS Executive membership.


JHRTS Membership

JHRTS: JHRTS was established as the Junior Membership for HRTS in 2000. The creation of a Junior Membership continues the tradition of community-building and allows HRTS to nurture the future leaders of the industry who are working as assistants, coordinators and emerging creatives.


Academic Membership

HRTS Academic Individual Membership: Available to students currently enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs or a year following graduation. It is designed to help students build their network and understanding of timely business issues, identify key internship and entry-level job opportunities, and enhance their leadership skills.


HRTS Member Referral Benefits

Thanks to our incredible members spreading the word about their membership experience, HRTS has been hitting record highs among our individual membership since the height of the pandemic!
To make it easier and more rewarding for everyone to build on this momentum, we are updating the membership referral program. We will still recognize the member who has referred the most members in a calendar year. But now all you need is 3 referrals in the first or second half of the year to earn a complimentary renewal of your own membership.

Please remind your referrals to HRTS Academic, JHRTS, Associates or Executive membership to include your name where indicated when they sign up. HRTS will take care of the rest!

One-year individual membership renewals are now being comped for people who refer 3 individual members in a 6-month period.
(1/1-6/30 or 7/1-12/31).

If a member refers 3 people in BOTH halves of the year (go you!), they will have 3 rewards to choose from —

– 2nd year of membership comped

– Complimentary headshot arranged by HRTS

– Ticket to an HRTS event in the year ahead (up to $150 value; HRTS Gala excluded).

If a member refers an HRTS Corporate Member, they will receive tickets or tables for the HRTS Gala in December. (Deadline Nov. 1)


Ryan McDonough
for Referring the Highest Number of New Members in 2023!

“Anytime someone asks me the best way to make genuine friends in Hollywood, I always tell them to join HRTS. I first joined as an assistant at Paradigm Talent Agency and through every job I’ve had to my current position as a Creative Executive at Project X Entertainment, I have felt inspired by my fellow HRTS/JHRTS colleagues. Everyday, the friendships I’ve made through HRTS crossover with my work and nothing is more inspiring than all of us helping each other and moving up together.”

– Ryan McDonough (Creative Executive, Project X Entertainment & JHRTS LA Member)