What is Academic Individual Membership?


This membership is available to interns and students currently enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs at colleges, and universities around the country and world. The program is designed to help students build their network and understanding of timely business issues, identify key internship opportunities, and enhance their leadership skills alongside HRTS Corporate Members.

This membership will provide unparalleled opportunities for growth, learning, and networking. Please see below for the member benefits. If you are interested in applying, please click the following LINK. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Academic Individual Membership Benefits
Cost: $50.00 Annual Membership

  • Complimentary Access to JHRTS Events/Activities/Panels: Enjoy free entry to various JHRTS events and activities, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities (excluding the annual HRTS Foundation Gala and a few select events).
  • Community Service Events: Engage in meaningful community service events, allowing you to give back while connecting with fellow professionals.
  • HRTS Mentorship Program: Apply to participate in the HRTS Mentorship Program, designed to pair you with experienced mentors for personalized guidance and career growth.
  • Tickets to HRTS Events: Purchase tickets to additional HRTS events, expanding your network and industry knowledge.
  • HRTS Online Video Access: Benefit from complimentary access to HRTS online videos, including live streams and on-demand panels, keeping you updated on industry trends and discussions.
  • HRTS Member Perks: Enjoy best-available rates for partner conferences, events, and subscriptions through HRTS Member Perks.
  • HRTS D&I Resource Guide: Gain complimentary access to the HRTS Diversity & Inclusion Resource Guide, a valuable tool for fostering inclusive practices.

Benefits Coming Soon:

  • Annual Academic Day Event – panel featuring Board Members from HRTS, HRTS Associates, and JHRTS
  • Internship Directory