2023-2024 JHRTS Script Competition


About the Competition:

The JHRTS Script Competition was started in 2020 by the JHRTS Los Angeles board which was looking for a way to place the spotlight on its talented members with screenwriting abilities. The annual competition seeks outstanding scripts from JHRTS members. The judging committee is comprised of previous and current members of the Los Angeles and New York JHRTS Executive Boards, who work at leading entertainment companies.


Winners will receive the Title:

JHRTS Script Competition Winner – Feature Drama

JHRTS Script Competition Winner – Feature Comedy

JHRTS Script Competition Winner – Half-Hour or Multi-Cam Pilot

JHRTS Script Competition Winner – Hour Pilot



Each first-place winner will receive:

– One general meeting with a literary agent

– One general meeting with a literary manager

– One general meeting with an entertainment executive

– A one year membership to the International Screenwriters’ Association

– A one month membership to the Stage 32 Writers Room


Each second place winner (runner-up):

– A six-month membership to the International Screenwriters’ Association

– Save the Cat! Strikes Back!

– Save the Cat! Writes for TV



  • Submissions will be accepted this year via FilmFreeway.
  • The submission link will be accessible in the Member Access section of the website.
  • Cost per entry is $25 Early Bird (until Sunday, 1/14/2024) and $35 Regular deadline (Sunday, 2/11/2024).
  • Further Rules & Terms are listed in the FilmFreeway submission form.

Thank You To Our 2023-2024 Script Competition Prize Partners!

Save the Cat!

Save the Cat!® is the world’s bestselling story methodology introduced by screenwriter Blake Snyder in 2005 with his first book, Save the Cat! Snyder’s acclaimed ideas, methods, and software have provided thousands of writers with the resources they need to develop their screenplays and novels. The Save the Cat! books, workshops, story structure software, and story coaching unlock the fundamentals and mechanics of plot and character transformation.

International Screenwriters’ Association

The ISA is dedicated to empowering screenwriters of all levels. Our focus is to provide writers with the tools to elevate their craft, career, and connections while establishing a solid relationship to the film community. The website is an all-encompassing resource hub where members can showcase their work and success and gain access to industry pros, writing gigs, classes, podcasts, industry pro tips, production resources, and more. With partnerships with companies like The Wrap, Women in Film, MGM, Nickelodeon, and NBCUniversal, the ISA has quickly become the leading resource for screenwriters. Join the community at http://www.networkisa.org and on social: @NetworkISA

Stage 32

Stage 32 is the world’s largest social network and educational site for film, television and theater creatives. Launched in September of 2011, the community is now filled with over a quarter-million members from every country on the planet. Simply put, Stage 32 is the online community uniquely populated by the most creative people on Earth. The Stage 32 Writers’ Room is a private community of screenwriters and professionals from around the world dedicated to supporting one another and providing you the tools you need to be a professional writer.

Junior Hollywood Radio & Television Society
(JHRTS), created in 2000, is the junior membership of the Hollywood Radio Television Society (HRTS). JHRTS continues the HRTS tradition of community building by coordinating top-level programming for young executives, who are the future of the television, radio, film, new media, and advertising industries.


Since 1947, the Hollywood Radio & Television Society (HRTS) has been recognized as our industry’s premier information and networking forum. Led by a Board of Directors comprising TV, media, and entertainment’s most distinguished leaders and incorporating participation from the top companies across the landscape, HRTS maintains our, 70-year tradition of providing an unparalleled forum for fostering conversation and community through regularly scheduled member events, a thriving mentorship program and other initiatives in Los Angeles, New York City and around the world.

The guidelines, information, and prizes are subject to change without notice.

For more information, please email jhrts.scriptcompetition@gmail.com