Comic-Con 2015 Recap

San Diego Comic Con 2015 - Outcast boothEvery year a giant forms, powered by more attendees and more press than any other industry event, including the Oscars. Hollywood treks down to San Diego to meet up with over 100,000 dedicated fans and spend a few days by the beach at Comic-Con. What began as a comic book convention is now arguably the largest promotional opportunity in the world for new films and TV shows and especially coming in mid-to-late July as it does.

What Cannes is to independent films, the Con is to commercial films and TV shows. The opportunities for marketing, publicity and networking are seemingly limitless since everyone goes, including every major studio and network, managers and agents, talent, advertisers, transmedia companies and the global press. Social media are great for building up virtual contacts but there’s something to be said for actually showing up, shaking hands and kibitzing with people. And if you have tens of thousands of people and you’re right by the ocean, so much the better.

Three HRTS members who made a big impression at this year’s Con were Fox, Warner Bros, and NBCU.

On Thursday night, Fox International Studios head Sharon Tal Yguado (HRTS member profile: kicked things off in style with a rooftop bash at the Andaz in honor of Robert Kirkman’s new show OUTCAST ( It was a lively affair from start to finish, with producers and studio execs including Gale Anne Hurd, Eli Roth, Greg Nicotero and Sue Naegle, and talent including the cast of THE WALKING DEAD and its hit prequel.

On Friday evening, WBTV held its annual mixer at the Hard Rock and as with every year, they went all out. A diverse and eclectic mix of attendees included HRTS member and panelist Chuck Lorre, Mike Tyson, Victor Garber, Giancarlo Esposito, DC Comics writers, a host of Cirque performers and a mermaid. Because if you have a pool then of course you must have a mermaid. There are numerous industry parties throughout the year in Los Angeles but none quite like this, where everybody can just be a fan for a night, remembering some of the reasons they got into the business in the first place.

San Diego Comic Con 2015 Sharknado 3So if one party has zombies and another has mermaids, what can you do for an encore? Why, you can fill a swimming pool full of bloodthirsty sharks, which is exactly what NBCU did at the Syfy SHARKNADO 3 party held Friday night at the Solamar. For this sequel ( – tagline “Oh Hell No” – not only did they have the (virtual) sharks prowling, waiting for unsuspecting partygoers to fall in, they also had Vinenado, a booth where you could record, upload and share yourself in scenes from the movie. And Singnado, the most dangerous karaoke of all time.

Comic-Con strikes the perfect balance between business and pleasure. It offers something for everyone and with the enormous number of passionately engaged fans plus the concentration of Hollywood types, there are few to no places better suited to promoting your content or to building your network. See you at the shore.

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