Mentorship Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our mentorship program follow. For additional questions, please contact


Mentees FAQ

Do I have to be a member in order to apply to be a mentee? 

Yes, you must be a current member in order to apply and qualify to participate in the mentorship program.

As a member, am I guaranteed to be paired with a mentor?

While we do our best to pair as many mentors and mentees together, every member that applies is not guaranteed to be a part of the program. Each mentee must go through a selection process.

How are mentoring matches made?

When mentors and mentees fill out their application, specific questions are asked that help guide the HRTS Mentorship Committees to make the best pairings possible.

Can I expect my preferences and mentor to match 100%?

While we do our best to pair all mentees as closely as possible with their mentors, you may be paired with a mentor that varies in career path within the industry. Our goal is for our mentors to provide mentorship, guidance and education regardless of varying career paths. 

Who are the mentors?

Mentors consist of qualified HRTS Executive level, Associate and JHRTS Members (for Academic Member pairings) and other top executives in the industry.

Will a mentor help me find a job?

Mentors volunteer their time to share their expertise, help guide and educate their mentee. Each mentor/mentee relationship is different and unique but a mentor is not to be expected or asked to help secure employment.

Will the mentor/mentee meetings be in-person or virtual?

This is yet to be determined. Most likely will be a combination of the two, based on each pairing’s personal preferences.

How long is the mentorship program?

The program runs from April to October.

I was paired with a mentor last year, do I qualify to participate again this year?

Yes, you may apply and participate in the program more than once. Just please keep in mind that we give priority to members who have not been paired in the past.

Mentors FAQ

How do I become a mentor?

You can sign up to become a mentor, by filling out the mentor questionnaire and selecting your preferences.

Do I have to be a member in order to be a mentor?

While the majority of our mentors are HRTS Members, we do accept referrals and recommendations from our HRTS Executive, Associate and JHRTS Board Members.

Who are the mentees?

Mentees consist of qualified HRTS Associate, JHRTS and Academic Members.

As a mentor, what is the expected time commitment?

The mentorship program runs from April to October. Within this time frame, we ask that each mentor meet with their mentee at least 4 times. That can be a combination of in-person or virtual meetings and/or phone calls.

As a mentor, do I receive a complimentary HRTS Membership?

We do not offer complimentary HRTS Memberships for being a mentor. We do however, offer a 1-year complimentary HRTS Membership for new mentors who are not currently members. After the complimentary membership expires, you will receive an invoice to renew and continue your membership.

Why should I become a mentor?

A mentor giving back to the community by sharing their experiences and expertise with the next generation is priceless and can be life changing for many.