Past Presidents


“What I always appreciated about the HRTS was that it was a real place for everyone in our business to gather, connect and understand the issues…

positive and negative, that affect us all as an industry. People have a natural tendency to get so caught up and focused on what’s right in front of them, and I felt it was important to have an opportunity for all of us together to take some time, to absorb and to learn about the big picture. Together, we could promote ways to find common ground and help evolve the business and culture around us.”


“When I was starting out as an assistant, getting a coveted ticket to an HRTS luncheon was an unattainable aspiration.

When that day finally came, and I was able to glean insights from the network and studio leaders of that era about how they develop, select, produce, and market series, it was revelatory. Being asked to join the board and eventually lead the organization stand out as highlights in my career. I consider HRTS to be the lifeblood of the industry and an ongoing service and education for our business regardless of whether we are transmitting over the air, digitally, or in some yet to be created medium.”


For 75 years, HRTS has occupied rarified air as our industry’s premier networking and newsmaking organization.

From my earliest days as a young executive snagging a coveted seat to see-and-be-seen luncheons to working alongside a who’s who board of directors over the course of the past two decades, I feel enormously privileged and sincerely humbled to have been party to HRTS’s extraordinary history.

Past President Quotes

HRTS Past Presidents’ favorite memories during their service.


“When I was president for two years, I booked some incredible people. I booked Hillary Clinton for an event once, but she ended up having to back out and gave me just an hour’s notice. I didn’t let that throw me, though. I said to the audience, ‘I may not be Hillary Clinton, but I’ll pretend to be her for a bit!” I then answered everyone’s questions as if I was her, and it was a huge hit.”

ROD PERTH (1995-97)

“We found a way to convince Bill Gates that this HRTS lunch would be a necessary way for him to pay tribute to the entertainment community, and for our collection of TV leaders to hear about how he envisioned digital possibilities for our businesses. In my intro I noted that he had just built a $25 million dollar house in Seattle, so I said “we know what a $25 million dollar house looks like in Hollywood, but what does it look like up there?” He quickly said “…..oh if it were only $25 million dollars!” He got a big laugh, so together we broke the ice-bridge between the threat and potential of technology that was about to take over our business.”


“I was proud to be the first female president of the HRTS. The organization has evolved so much since then and I admire all the philanthropic work they are doing. It is always a great forum to discuss the latest trends in the industry.”

TONY JONAS (1999-2000)

“The Hollywood Radio and Television Society, simply put, is television’s best minds, best leaders, best listeners, best innovators, best creators, best new champions of underserved voices, and everyone with the best of intentions….simply the best.”

TOM NUNAN (2000-01)

“I love the HRTS and I have many great memories of attending HRTS luncheons, being called on to join the Board and ultimately being asked to lead. Spearheading and supporting the formation of the JHRTS is my favorite memory and accomplishment from my time as president, and I couldn’t be prouder of what JHRTS has evolved into since it became an active extension of the parent organization.”

RICK ROSEN (2001-02)

“I was happy to follow in the footsteps of the Presidents that preceded me and to continue the tradition of inviting newsmakers to discuss relevant issues to the television industry. I was happy to start the tradition of the Cable Chiefs Roundtable, but perhaps my most memorable moment was hosting a panel of NBC’s must-see TV executives a few years ago, all of whom are now industry leaders.”


“To me it is a miracle that any organization can not just last but remain at the forefront of an industry as complex and ever changing as ours for 75 years. HRTS began and remains the conscience of our business. It has always lead the way in illuminating and educating its members and the public on the most important issues facing our business from diversity and inclusion to press freedoms, censorship, aegism and content creation. It has never shied away from holding our business or those who would attack it to account.
I’m proud to have been associated with hrts , it’s members and leaders for nearly three decades and am proud of all it is and all it continues to do as the “conscience of our industry.”

ERIC SCHRIER (2015-16)

“I had the difficult task of finding the next leader of the HRTS. Luckily, I found Melissa Grego and convinced her to take the job. Under Melissa’s impeccable leadership, HRTS and its programs have been meaningfully reimagined and invigorated to better support and serve its membership during a period of great transformation in our industry and fortifying the society for the years to come.”