Candidate Spotlight: Richard Flores

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Born and raised in East LA, Richard is a proud First-Generation Latino who has recently made significant contributions to the genre-defying television slate for DC at Warner Bros. Discovery. As a Creative Executive, Richard has strategically identified and championed iconic IP from development through current production, delivering meaningful character-driven stories that push the limits of imagination. His portfolio includes major network and streaming hits such as Superman & Lois, The Flash, Gotham Knights, and Titans. If he’s not at entertainment mixers nurturing spaces for collaboration, you can find him at home building LEGOs, watching WWE, listening to Broadway musicals, or losing his mind taking care of his three wonderful cats!


Jr. to Mid-level executive role at a Studio, ProdCo, or Buyer where I can continue to develop genre stories and adapt IP.


HRTS has provided me with a valuable opportunity to delve deeper into my role as an executive within the entertainment industry. Through my engagement, I’ve come to realize that my identity extends beyond the confines of the company I represent. While being a brand ambassador is important, I’ve discovered that my true strength lies in my ability to understand and appreciate the intricacies of character and story.

Additionally, this community has made me feel like I am not alone in my experiences navigating the hardships of unemployment and finding my next position. It has served as a circle of catharsis where each of us can support one another by sharing insights, encouragement, and resources to navigate the changes of this industry together.

Overall, in reflecting upon my journey, HRTS has encouraged me to recognize the significance of authenticity and integrity in leadership by reminding me that true success is not solely measured by corporate achievements but by the impact we have on others and the stories we help bring to life.



There is possibility in every character. As a storyteller deeply passionate about the craft of mythology, I bring an unwavering dedication to nurturing the most compelling elements of every story I encounter. Whether it’s delving into a new script or pitching a project, my genuine love for the art form shines through, guiding me in crafting not just content, but immersive and meaningful tales that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Additionally, I strive to create inclusive and supportive environments where everyone feels valued and encouraged to contribute their unique perspectives. I welcome constructive feedback and am unafraid to admit when I’m wrong, understanding that growth and innovation stem from humility and a willingness to learn.